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September 2014
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New Programs
Equine Assisted Learning
What is Equine Assisted Learning? EAL is experiential in nature. Participants learn about themselves by participating in activities with ...Full Story
May 09, Wednesday
Horse Sense
Lame Horse Indication
Did you know that when a horse is lame he will usually throw his head up in sync with his stride. If he is sore in a front leg, his head  will come up as the sore side makes contact with the ground. ...READ MORE
February 02, Thursday

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Welcome to JMT Performance Horses

JMT Performance Horses is a quality training & learning facility providing services in a safe and practical environment for you and your horse(s).We offer riding lessons, riding programs, training.

JMT Performance Horses  will accept nothing less than quality & performance. We believe in the process, and not the direct way to the end result. There is always something to be learned and taught. We will provide the means to experience how to do things properly, with the opportunity to practice in a safe environment. With procedure and guidance comes quality.

We have an activity to suit the needs of every rider & rider ability! If you love horses, come and check us out, you won't regret it!

We will look forward to meeting you!

Jade Farrington